Wrestling (V/JV)

2024 Wrestling Regional Info

By Kandi Stutzman | Feb 1, 2024 8:04 AM

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Wrestling Regional this Saturday, February 3, at Jay County High School & starts at 8:30am Per the IHSAA, all tickets must be purchased through Eventlink using the following link: https://public.eventlink.com/tickets?t=66805 IMPORTANT: You can select either the scan or self-validate option. If you choose self-validate, do not validate until ticket taker tells you. If you do it before reaching the ticket taker, you will have to purchase another ticket. ADVANCEMENT: 1st - 4th place contestants in each weight class will advance to Semi-State. SCHEDULE: 8:30am - Quarterfinals - 3 mats 10:20am - Semi-Finals - 3 mats 11:30am - Lunch Break 12:00pm - Face Off 12:15pm - Championship on Mat 1 / 3-4th place on mat 2 *** All times are tentative. The tournament director reserves the right to adjust the times as needed.